Concrete and Paving Repairs


Over time, the concrete used to construct various surfaces throughout and around your facility will start to show signs of wear. If the parking lot at your commercial facility is starting to crack, you may be due for a repair. Our skilled professionals at ACI are highly knowledgeable about concrete and paving repair services, and are here to help get your commercial building looking its best during every season. Working with many local and national companies, our team at ACI Facility Services has successfully completed an array of commercial construction projects over the years, giving us invaluable experience in the field.  We have the experience and dexterity needed to provide you with the highest quality craftsmanship for concrete and paving repairs in a timely and efficient manner.

Repairing the Concrete Surfaces Around Your Facility

Unlike tar and asphalt, concrete will not melt in the brutal Southern Louisiana sun, making it a popular building material choice for a variety of surfaces in a multitude of commercial businesses. Concrete is relatively easy to maintain, and its firm and solid composure allows it to handle the weight of weighty vehicles and fluctuations in compression and temperature. However, concrete pavers have the potential to settle in places over time if they are not properly installed over a stable subbase. When the concrete or concrete pavement around your facility is showing serious signs of wear and tear, give the team at ACI a call to get that handled in a timely manner. Our professional team at ACI Facility Support in Baton Rouge will handle all of your business’s concrete and paving repairs, keeping your facility presentable and looking sharp on all occasions.

Regardless of where the concrete or concrete paving is located in your business, concrete and paving take a tremendous beating in any commercial building facility.  Depending on the amount of traffic, weather exposure, and other environmental and human-related factors, you may need to repair and maintain your concrete surfaces regularly in order to keep them looking their best.  Damaged concrete with cracks and holes can present a safety hazard for employees and customers at your facility, which can have negative effects on business in the long run. Our team at ACI recognizes these factors, and understands how to handle all areas of concrete repair, from demolition to rehabilitation to full removal. When it is time to repair the concrete at your facility, give our team at ACI Facility Services in Baton Rouge a call.

Other building maintenance and repair services:

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