Rejuvenate the look and feel of your facility with various lighting features installed by the skilled team at ACI Facility Support. Lighting is a critical aspect to any business, and can have a large effect on both employees and patrons of a facility. In addition, lighting is a major component of a business’s energy consumption, and can be a considerable cost when not properly utilized. With properly installed lighting, you can actually save your business money while simultaneously conserving resources. Make sure you are getting the most out of your facility’s lighting with fixtures installed by the reliable hands at ACI Facility Support in Baton Rouge.

Installing Lighting in Your Commercial Facility

From practical to aesthetic, our skilled team at ACI can transform and enhance your facility by installing a wide array of lighting fixtures. There are a plethora of different lighting options out there: there is general lighting, accent lighting, interior lighting, compact fluorescent, fluorescent, incandescent light, and task lighting. Regardless of the specific type or types of lighting you are seeking for your facility, our team at ACI has the skills and knowledge needed to properly install the lighting you desire in a timely  manner.

In addition, our team at ACI Facility Support offers exterior lighting installation to keep your commercial building properly illuminated after business hours. Outdoor lighting plays a key role in your building’s security, and can help deter burglars and other unwanted activity after dark. Exterior lighting can also serve decorative purposes, illuminating walkways and highlighting beautiful landscaping for all to see.

Our skilled team at ACI Facility Support employs the latest technology and most innovative methods in order to complete your lighting project as efficiently and effectively as possible. Starting with a detailed plan, we will work alongside you to make sure our goals are aligned throughout the entire process, discovering the most effective routes to executing our plans.

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