A single facility encounters a broad range of facility maintenance issues every week, month and year. Because the unexpected is bound to happen, ACI Facility Support service providers are ready to fix any unexpected problems. We maintain numerous client locations in Louisiana with strong vendor relationships that allow us to deliver top quality service at the most competitive rates in the industry, in every trade, every time.

  • All your facilities call one number for any maintenance or repair need

    Rather than asking location managers to find local vendors and resolve maintenance issues on a per location basis (with no price or quality standard). ACI Facility Support maintenance service locations call just one number with all maintenance issues. Our clients take comfort in knowing their employees are spending less time solving maintenance problems and more time on your business.

  • You receive one bill-for all your locations

    ACI Facility Support takes the mountain of paperwork for all of your facilities and consolidates them into one monthly, easy-to-understand invoice. Our invoices accurately state the time of the call, the reason for the call and the repair in addition with giving a history on that piece of equipment.

  • Vendor Management

    ACI Facility Support prequalifies and manages service vendors for all of your facilities. Our strong vendor relationships allow us to deliver the best service in the industry at the most competitive rates. We screen vendors for capabilities. We continuously monitor service providers through our trained and qualified technicians.

  • Service Delivery

    ACI Facility Support is on-call and online 24/7/365. Issues are diagnosed, managed and resolved efficiently. All client locations call just one number for all of their maintenance needs. If the matter requires a service visit, ACI Facility Support dispatches a pre-qualified service professional to your location noting the problems urgency. The service provider completes work promptly, checking in and out through the ACI Facility Support system. ACI Facility Support audits vendor invoices to ensure you’re only paying for what you owe.

  • Vendor Network

    ACI Facility Supportwants to partner with trade specialists who are looking to grow their business. As part of our vendor network, you’ll have the opportunity to provide service for ACI Facility Support clients in your service area. If you are interested please contact the representative below for an interview.